Nonprofit Cultural Organization

The National Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is a non profit cultural institution,
administrated by the counsel of effective members and its objective is to promote and to strengthen the academic art standards in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture, by organizing international art competitions, exhibitions, lectures, courses and exchanges in brazil and around the world. The resources to maintain the academy activities, administrative expenses and cultural projects, come from the members annuity fee, from the result of events and donation of companies or art lovers. If you would like to invite the National Academy of Fine Arts for cultural events in your country, just contact us.

NAFA'S Presidente,
Edilson E. Barbosa,
giving the gold medal

President: Edilson Elio Barbosa; Vice-President: Fernando José Davini; Tresurer: Valdir Félix Sabino; Secretary General: João Batista Francisco; Representative in USA: Fernando Davini